To play, place the towns of the list in the right place on the map.

If you are right, the town will remain in place.
If you are wrong, the town will appear on the list again and you will have to try again.

  • 1First British gas attack
  • 2The biggest British military encampment
  • 3Lijssenthoek Hospital
  • 4General Headquarters of Marshall Foch - June 1915
  • 5The city which capitulated on October 13th, 1914 after heavy bombing
  • 6The city evacuated in March 1917 by the Germans when they retreated behind the Hindenburg Line
  • 7The biggest cemetery of Chinese workers
  • 8The Belgian town where Gu Xingqing resided
  • 9The cemetery of Notre-Dame de Lorette
  • 10The British memorial commemorating the missing soldiers of the Somme